October 13, 2020

Why You Should Follow Safe Truck Driving Tips

While you are driving a truck on a road, you not only have the responsibility to keep yourself and your truck but also need to keep safe others on the road. Whether a highway or a busy city road, it’s obvious that there are other vehicles also available on the road and the general peoples also may walk beside the road or may cross the road. So, being a responsible driver as well as a good citizen of the country, you should drive safely on the road and follow basic truck driving tips.
Accidents Cases Due To Truck Driving
According to recent statistics, it has found that nearly half-million accidents occur in the United States due to bad truck driving, and a person either gets killed or injured every fifteen minutes due to big rigs, general or semi-trucks. There is approximately four thousand death case registered as well in 2018 due to the accidents through big trucks where sixteen percent of peoples were truck drivers or helpers and the rest of the passengers were other vehicles. These statistics are alarming. If the above information isn’t enough for you to follow safe truck driving guidelines while driving a truck on the road, please read below for more scenarios of death or injury due to road accidents.
An accident whether it happens through the trucks or cars, all accidents are deadly that ruin a person’s life and a family as well. In 2019, approximately 38,800 people’s death cases were registered due to car accidents and approximately 4.4 million injury cases were registered as well in the United States. From the above data, you may realize how deadly the situation is due to unexpected road accidents. Not all, but a majority number of accidents happen due to not following basic truck driving rules. Just think about a person who lost legs or hands or any other parts of the body and living a life with that bad dream, how terrible life is that nobody even wants to imagine in a bad dream! That’s why it is much important to follow safe truck driving tips that will help you to save yourself and keep all the peoples and other vehicles safe on the road.
Safe Truck Driving Tips- At a glance
If you are in the profession of truck driving, you may have some knowledge of safe truck driving tips. As a general remembering, let’s check out a brief discussion of basic but important truck driving tips.
Wear your seat belt
Wearing a seat belt is a very basic tip for truck driving. The airbag in a truck is not enough to keep you safe while an accident takes place. Wearing a seatbelt will not only help you to keep conscious and safe as much as possible but also protect from ejection from the truck during an accident. An ejection or force hit with the wheel during an accident may decrease the chances of your survival.
Limit Your Truck Speed
Be alert always to maintain an authorized speed limit for safe truck driving. The speed limit should up to 50 KMPH for a single carriageway and up to 60 KMPH on a dual carriageway, however, a state like Texas allows up to 85 KMPH in the highway. But for safe truck driving, it is wise to keep the speed limit within the range of 50-60 KPMH.
No Cellphone while Truck driving
Chatting, Calling, Texting, or simply browsing whatever it is with your cellphone, don’t do it while you driving your truck. It’s not because it’s illegal in almost all the states of the US, it’s divert your mind and may lead to an accident.
Avoid alcohol or drugs
Don’t consume alcohol or drugs while truck driving as it is obviously dangerous and must need to avoid. Not only alcohol, avoid any type of medicines that may lead to drowsiness.
Slowly drive your truck at Turning and Speed breaker
Sometimes it’s tough to maintain control on the speed at any huge turning and speed breaker. However, it’ mandatory to slow down your truck to control your truck at turning and speed breaker to avoid accident.
Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles
Try to maintain a safe distance between your truck and the vehicles in front of you to avoid any sudden clash. Sometimes, the vehicle ahead of you may need to brake suddenly and it may lead your truck to clash with the vehicle in front of you if you don’t maintain a safe distance.
Eat a healthy diet and Get proper rest
A healthy body gives you a healthy and refreshed mind. Try to eat a healthy diet to keep yourself fit and fine for long driving. Try to avoid junk foods and foods with much sugar. Don’t take a heavy meal at a time as it will give you a feel of sleepiness while truck driving. Not only a healthy diet but also a proper rest is necessary to keep yourself fit. It will help you to keep your mind fresh and relaxed that is very important before going out for truck driving.
Try to follow the 
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October 15, 2020

Why Background check is necessary before hiring a Truck driver?

Hiring a qualified truck driver to drive a semi or regular truck in a fleet is not that easy. A long hour working schedule that keeps a driver away from home for a long time, a harsh working environment during the trip, and thousand miles journey almost every day usually makes a physical and mental impact on the trucker’s mind. Hence the driver’s turnover rate in the trucking industry is almost above seventy percent for both large and small fleets. For these reasons, trucking companies are always in need of hiring new truck drivers or immediate replacement if needs.
Background check- industry overview
A wage battle between competitors companies also a big reason for the rapid replacement of truck drivers. They usually change their job for better payment and the wide opportunity to get other trucking jobs in the market makes them less committed towards their profession. On the other hand, no employer wishes to involve a hassle regarding continues hunting for a truck driver.  
Unhealthy competition between the competitors makes the employment situation complex as well. For this reason, many trucking companies don’t want to bother about an employee background check before hiring a truck driver as this process needs a certain time and they are in a hurry to find a replacement. Background check of a truck driver may need up to 5 business days or more because of complying with some federal and city laws which are time-consuming. There is a chance that the driver will join another competitor during this process. Thus, many employers don’t want to perform a background check before hiring and they just want to keep running their fleet somehow. They hire truck drivers in a hurry without any background check thus violates a professional recruitment standard often in the industry. 
However, does this type of hiring process help the trucking companies or the industry? Does it help the industry to maintain the industry standard? Does it help to establish safety for a fleet over the road?
Considering the average yearly accident in the United States through the trucks, turnover ratio of a job change by the truck driver’s and the current low standard of the professional commitment of the drivers, it is clear that hiring a truck driver without background checking doesn’t help the trucking companies, it even makes an ultimate loss. 
An employment background check is a prime necessity
Managing a transportation company is a tough deal considering the laws and regulations, safety and security, and risk management associated with it. Whatever the truck driver’s employment turnover rate in the industry is, no matter how fast you need a truck driver, you should never miss the employment background check. Being a trucking company you may need a driver as quickly as possible but you have to manage safety and legal requirements as well while hiring a new truck driver. It will help your business to survive and stand safe in the long run.
Here are some bulleted points that refer to the necessity of an employment background check for the truck drivers.
  • It helps to check the right skill for the job.
  • It helps to check the required training and license availability to drive a semi-truck or a regular truck.
  • It helps to keep your business legally compliant as per FMCSA.
  • It helps to find any bad driving or previous accident records by the concerned truck driver.
  • It helps to find out any unsafe driving history or any driving-related offenses.
  • It helps to find previous drug-related issues of the drivers.
  • It helps to find out the stability as a driver.
There are some more reasons as well that shows the importance of the background check of a truck driver before hiring. During an employment background check, you can check a 5-10 year driving history of a driver that will help you to hire the right truck driver for your fleet.
Check the below points related to background checks that are important before hiring a truck driver in your fleet.
License check
An applicant must have to submit a valid license for a semi-truck driving. A valid license means an active current license that does not contain any suspension, cancelation, or any other driving restrictions.
Vehicle driving records
As per FMCSA requirements, you need to check if the applicants have any offenses such as reckless driving, DUI issues (Drunk driving), or any other issues considered as bad driving.
Criminal records
Applicant’s crime related to motor vehicle driving laws checking is an important step for a background check. Any violations against safe driving regulations will indicate that the truck driver is not safe to hire.
Drug Test
A standard drug test is required as a part of a background check that is a prerequisite by FMCSA and DOT (Department of transportation).
Employment history
An employment history check is another important step for a background check. The applicant's work history as a truck driver in the range of the last 5-10 years is perfect to check the applicant's stability and reliability as a new truck driver in the fleet.
Physical health
A must check of physical health ensure that the applicant is healthy enough as a new driver and can work for a long period. 
Pre Employment Screening
A pre-employment screening program also called PSP refers to a score that helps the employer to get the streamline information of a truck driver. This PSP scores combined with motor vehicle records that provide a complete scenario of the driving of an applicant.
Performing background checks ensures that the potential truck driver is safe and stable to work in your company and legally compliant. This will help your business to survive and run smoothly in the long run. During a background check, you just need to keep in mind that this background checking process complies with the associated Federal, state, or city laws to avoid legal problems. 

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