Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

Delivery & Logistics

What We Do

We are focused on being the best in the business, ensuring that we meet and exceed customer expectations, and that ensuring our team operates in a safe, efficient, and consistent manner each and every day.


How We Do It

By leveraging the latest logistics technology we provide consistent, reliable, quality service. Our proven methodology employs every resource available to ensure the final mile is the focal point of our operations.

Our People

Who We Trust

We realize that the difference is our people. Each day our business relies on our team of drivers to fulfill our mission. That’s why we focus on provide the tools and resources that enable everyone to thrive.

Our Pickup and Delivery Fleet

Driving with Sigma Continental means you are driving safe, reliable vehicles with the most advanced technology on the road. We offer our drivers trucks that are outfitted with the latest innovations to provide a higher level of safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Consistent Routes

Our pre-defined pickup and delivery routes are consistent and run on a daily basis.

Modern Fleet

Our fleet has the latest safety technology and provide comfort, reliability, and safety to get the job done.

Safety as a Priority

Safety is the number one priority at Sigma Continental, our comprehensive safety program provides are team with the skills and resources that put safety first.

Experienced Management

Our management is committed to providing our drivers the tools and equipment they need to be successful in their daily routine.

Promotion from Within

Our managers are promoted from within the company. We attract and maintain team members who are committed to excellence and have the motivation to move into management roles as our business grows.

Bonuses & Education

The culture of Sigma continental provides the educational resources to be exceptional at your job and rewards team members who perform at their best.

Middle Mile Logistics

Today much of the focus is on last-mile deliveries and first-mile services that link vendors and fulfillment centers. The middle mile has received such little attention that it is often referred to as the ‘invisible mile.” But it is where much of the work that makes logistics run – consolidations and de-consolidations – occurs. It encompasses a complex web of distribution centers used to shift products throughout the country. The middle mile is also where much of the delivery distance is covered.

Our Fleet

We build out our fleet of tractors with the driver's comfort and safety in mind. Our fleet is up-to-date with the latest in safety technology to keep our drivers safe. We want you to enjoy being on the road.

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